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Positive Pulse Scotland 

Recent figures suggest that it cost UK employers about £29bn in sick leave. People are not taking responsibility for their own health and well-being and organisations don't have the time or resources on the well-being of their personnel. Let Positive Pulse Scotland help you unlock the energy of your workforce. A small investment now can prevent absences and pay dividends to both your business and your employees as people.

At Positive Pulse Scotland we like to keep things simple, by encouraging positive change in the workplace, that supports general well-being, shapes the quality of working lives and essentially work towards the healthy workforce = Healthy Business Approach.

The services that we provide are Positive Pulse 15 which checks Blood Pressure to Lifestyle Plans, Positive Pulse Events portfolio delivering content from Healthy Eating to Mental Health and  workshops on steps to deal with stress.

The relationship between employee's health status, absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity all support the position that employees with fewer risks factors are happier and perform better than those with more medical or behavioural risk factors.

Unlock the energy of your workforce, increase engagement and help your company achieve its full business potential

Positive Pulse helping you look after today.
    Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce
    Ayrshire Chamber is the leading organisation representing the business community across the whole of Ayrshire. A completely independent and not for profit organisation, our objective is to promote and facilitate business between our members and others.
  2. Ayrshire Association of Business Woman
    The Ayrshire Association of Business Women (AABW) is the leading business, entrepreneurial and professional women's group in Ayrshire. We offer networking, training opportunities and a chance to share experiences.
  3. Business Woman Scotland
    Business Women Scotland is an independent contract publishing and network company, delivering innovative and award-winning publications. We also run networking events and masterclasses for women in business.
  4. Entrepreneurial Spark
    Entrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free accelerator for start-up and scaleup businesses. If you want to stretch your mind and build something truly amazing then Entrepreneuring® is for you
  5. IOEE
    The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs is for anyone who is thinking about starting or already running their own business, those who support them and those employed in innovative and entrepreneurial businesses.
  6. Positive Pulse Scotland
    Unlock the energy of your workforce with Onsite MOT Health Check, Workshops and Events. Reduce Sickness Absence, Increase Productivity and Engage Your Workforce

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