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Health Checks, Workshops, Events
Positive Pulse MOT Health Check Assessments are carried out onsite by a Regeistered General Nurse. 

The development of serious health problems, as a result of poor lifestyle, is on the increase. Most of
the conditions develop over many years, with no indication that there is anything wrong. Unfortunately, by the time a person does develop symptoms it may be too late!
The good news is that by having regular health checks, employees can detect many health problems before they become too serious. They can also identify if any of their current lifestyle choices are putting them at greater risk of illness. 

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Health Checks
  1. Blood Pressure, Pulse, Temperature
  2. Height Weight (BMI) Body Fat Analysis
  3. Cholesterol Screening
  4. Urinalysis
  5. Lifestyle Review
  6. Blood Glucose
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Positive Pulse Scotland workshops will give your employees a better understanding around their health and wellbeing and how this can have many benefits to their working lives.

Our workshops:
Steps to Deal with Stress
Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Alcohol and Drug Awareness
Mens Health
Womens health
Emotional Intelligence
Building Resilience
Looking After Your Mental health
Supporting Staff Attendance

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Positive Pulse Scotland facilitates health events within the workplace giving employees access to health information and resources. These events give you the opportunity to engage with your employees and develop their wellbeing.  Creating a Happy Healthy Engaged Workforce has many benefits to the organisation.

Some of the topics covered are: 

Healthy Eating
Physical Activity
Sexual Health
Mental Health
Detecting Cancer Early
Mens health
Tobacco Awareness
Alcohol and Drug Awareness
Wellbeing in the Workplace
Womens Health

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Events,  Health Checks, Workshops
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